Sixteen weeks since my last update! wow, it's been a while :D:

I am two exams down, one more to go before I can wrap up my first semester in law school. Then I'm off to a booze weekend with my blockmates, AND THEN I CAN REST…until the horrorshow of second semester begins. But first: I need to get over my cold and make up for the time I spent not studying due to family matters :| *cue training montage*

I hope you are all hale and hearty! I apologize for being rather crappy at catching up; fingers crossed that this will be rectified very very soon. Until then: ♥♥♥

Will be curling up with a box of tissues, the latest Junior Masterchef Australia episode and my Revised Penal Code in a little while. I ~excel~ at multi-tasking! (and also at watching small children cook while memorizing common crimes and their penalties haha).

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For [ profile] epicflailer's The Deception Curve, an Arthur/Cobb story for [ profile] inception_bang.

notes: Thank you so much to [ profile] epicflailer, who is a delight and wonder in every way ♥♥ I can only hope these can make your awesome fic even more awesome!

Since I couldn't decide which approach I liked best, you'll find three variations under the cut, featuring the main characters in the story. The typography in v. 2 was inspired by those in the posters for I Am Love and I'm Still Here.

All covers are safe for work and non-spoilery for the fic :)


sooner than you know you're gonna start slipping )


one of these days i'll stop fooling around with ms paint and internet memes. ONE DAY!

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The Gestation Conundrum Contingency
The very true story of how a freelance superhero working for a top-secret organization has to deal with some very uncomfortable facts of life (and evil mad scientists who want to take over the world). (The Middleman AU) (Cook/Archuleta)

wordcount: 18,850
rating: NC-17
warnings: non-explicit violence
notes: Written for [ profile] mrsachid's prompt "mpreg" as part of [ profile] cookleta_hols and originally posted here! Some lines were taken from the show, especially episodes one, four and eleven; The Middlepedia and TV Tropes were also invaluable. Information on pregnancy should not be taken as medical advice. No pop culture references were harmed in the production of this story.

A multitude of thanks to the following: [ profile] epicflailer for her enthusiasm and hand-holding, the [ profile] wrisomifu community for its support as I wrote the last 9000 words, [ profile] rajkumari905 for the encouraging read-through and [ profile] jehane18 for the speedy beta. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

Part 1Part 2Part 3

If you'd rather read it on one page, it's also on Dreamwidth.
1000+ words of Project Runway AU for [ profile] quack, who definitely did not expect me to take months on a [ profile] help_haiti lightning round donation. I am very, very sorry that I took so long, and I hope that you'll (still) enjoy this :)

This is in the same 'verse as OMG! The Project Runway Cutie's Dark Secret!. Thanks to [ profile] epicflailer for her encouragement & [ profile] rajkumari905 and [ profile] jehane18 for the beta work; any remaining mistakes are my own. As a journalist I give myself a C for effort, F in deadline-management and C+ in making shit up \o/

you send my soul sky-high )

Bonus graphic outtake that I didn't get to use :D
I am behind on, oh, just about everything, but a certain young man has just released his third album to much excitement and joy, and I couldn't let that pass without a celebratory fanfic

...sort of. )

I'll have the answers to the question meme uploaded soon and please do watch this space for non-webcomic-ripoff fic :D I just have to figure out how to turn 1000-ish words of disparate false starts and a small mountain of mediocre ideas into a decent 1000+-word story \o/

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UNIVERSE! I am climbing a mountain tomorrow, going down some caves, lighting a few candles, that sort of thing. It will be very wet and I will be a mess. Also I will be incommunicado for the entire weekend, unless if I fiddle with my cellphone correctly to update Twitter :|

The [community profile] help_pakistan auction closes on August 29 1 AM EST. I won't be around when it does, but my offer still stands - the top two bidders will win my services :D

I tossed some of these on Twitter, and now I'm tossing them here. Used to do this for [another fandom] after I got inspired by the original & [ profile] watch_this_rain's Jeeves/Wooster sets of yore, and now [ profile] crayon_scrawls has done excellent ones for Inception -- TL;DR JUMPING ON BANDWAGONS :D?

cobb/everybody? idek. hover for alt text )

Some nifty fandom stuff you'll like better than the above: a gorgeous Inception/Sandman crossover from the artist of Hero, a mashup of the 2009 Holmes movie trailer audio with video from the new BBC series and new Katie Forsythe fic(!!!)

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- That desktop wallpaper meme: you know what to do )

- This fic meme:
1. Go through my story index and pick out a sentence from one of my stories.

2. I'll try to guess what story it's from. If something comes to mind, I'll give you some backstory or DVD commentary for the excerpt.

3. If I guess wrong, you get to ask me for a drabble. I'll take characters or a pairing, and a nudge in the right direction.

- This is either a new high or a new low: I made seven variations of one base icon :| That's the effect of having very limited caps to choose from, I guess.

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1000(+) words of a Cook/Archie!Sherlock Holmes AU for the lovely [ profile] paitac, who won my services at [ profile] help_haiti back in January. Apologies to her for the truly appalling delay, and to all the readers who will be subjected to my poor attempts at mimicking 19th century British prose. Thank you to [ profile] jehane18 and [ profile] rajkumari905 for their comments and corrections.

You may notice the rip-off, er, similarities to a certain Arthur Conan Doyle short story ;) except containing less awesome Victorian melodrama than the original.


the room of hidden things
In which Dr. David Archuleta is concerned about the state of his trousers. (Cook/Archuleta, PG, warning for non-explicit violence)

there's dried blood on your wrist )
In a valiant effort to not get rusty at this, I fired up my music player and Photoshop to make something. Anything. Coincidentally, I have been ridiculously obsessed with figure skating lately and had accumulated a lot of pictures in my HD.

Now to resume the end-of-school grind ;_;

15 Johnny Weir
5 Johnny Weir (& Stéphane Lambiel, Kim Yu-Na, Kelly Osbourne, Evan Lysacek)
4 Kim Yu-Na
1 Stéphane Lambiel
5 crossovers w/ Arrested Development (Evan Lysacek, Nobunari Oda, Lambiel, Brian Joubert)
+ 1 wallpaper (Johnny Weir/Stéphane Lambiel - 1280x800)


caught in a bad romance )
- Just a reminder: [ profile] help_haiti's auction closes on January 20, 12 pm EST. Not sure what that is my time, but, um, it's closing soon! (The countdown informs me that it's in ~300 minutes.) So you better get your bids on!

For all my AI friends, [ profile] jerakeen's compiled a list of authors offering Idolfic in one handy post. (My own offers are, for the record, graphics and fic :D)

- What. Twitter is going all FAIL WHALE on me, and my first response was, "I SHOULD POST THIS ON TWITTER... oh wait."

- League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: What ho, Gods of the Abyss!

- So I have some exams and class reports coming up, right? *prods stack of papers suspiciously* Therefore, it must be time for me to offer: First 5 people get a Cook/Archie drabble. (Or Archie/anybody. Or Archie gen. You may have noticed a recurring theme.) Toss me a pairing and a prompt and I will write you an Academic Ivory Tower AU mwahaha!

All slots claimed! :D

1. [ profile] jehane18 - DC/DA, Ivory Tower AU (haha)
2. [ profile] paitac - DC/DA, Wodehouse AU
3. [ profile] epicflailer - Castroleta
4. [ profile] celli - DC/DA, napping
5. [ profile] snackbreak - David/David
eta: corrected a typo in #16 - thanks to [ profile] finetimeforpie for the heads up!

Um, I don't know what to say, except that I kind of ♥ the letterpress text effect a lot. Enjoy!

11 Sherlock Holmes '09 (Watson, Irene, Holmes, Holmes/Watson, quotes)
1 David Cook/David Archuleta
2 David Archuleta
1 Stephen Fry


20 multifandom icons )
Poking at the SPN AU idea [which i have just unlocked, btw!] to no avail D: I want to see it fleshed out so badly I can taste it but ugh ugh ugh NOTHING.

except for this. trust me, i am more surprised than you will ever be. (warnings for implied violence & 3 sfw medium-sized images) )



ALSO WE MUST NOTE THAT I AM A LIAR. (I will try to clean up all of the typos when I am not about to keel over my keyboard!)
Now that the reveals are up, here's my [ profile] cookleta_xmas story! A warm thank you to everyone who commented on the original post ♥

Written for [ profile] clover71's prompt "I saw mommy daddy kissing Santa Claus" and originally posted [ here ]. Not as fluffy as I'd hoped, but I tried :) Many thanks to [ profile] celli, [ profile] jehane18 and [ profile] rajkumari905 for their heroic beta work ♥ Any remaining mistakes are my own.

Also posted at the Archive of Our Own.

The one where gifts are given, toast is eaten and what personal assistants do may be above and beyond what is called for in the line of duty. (Cook/Archuleta, PG)

Let us go then, you and I )
:O:O:O:O how come no one told me wallpaper-making could be so addictive? I hope you enjoy my last fannish hurrah for 2009 ♥ Unhealthy obsession with permutations of the word "love" Y/N?

thumbnail preview


Resources used: [ profile] brasaremean, [ profile] _excentric_, [ profile] kiho_chan. Please don't edit or modify for use as a header/banner/icon/whatever without my permission.

(Not in your resolution? Feel free to request it, and I'll get back to you after my vacation!)
Today -- in my timezone, at least -- is David Archuleta's birthday! Happy 19th, wonderboy! Since last year I totally spazzed out re: anything celebratory, I figured I'd make up for it this year with a graphics-type thing :D

This is my first time doing a somewhat complicated desktop wallpaper (that is, using more than one picture and two textures) and I think it came out okay. It's bottom-heavy because my taskbar's on top (ha).

thumbnail preview

icon (100x100)header (500x300)

(Resources used: [ profile] brasaremean, [ profile] elli, ffffound & David HQ. Please don't edit or modify for use as a header/banner/icon/whatever without my permission.)

If I haven't provided for your desktop resolution, just tell me and I'll resize it for you, though it might take a while, as I'll be computer-less for the next three days~

Of all the things that would make me start making icons again, I didn't expect it to be A Nero Wolfe Mystery. But while preparing a *cough* small picspam, I looked at the caps I made and went, "aw, heck." (This also means there may be more in the future, with the other episodes & characters I still have yet to watch/cap :D)

10 A Nero Wolfe Mystery ("Champagne For One (Parts 1 & 2)")


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